Friday, September 13, 2013


So I have a thousand things running through my head. Not one of them is in the lead.
I'm thinking of how we [myself especially] hate to really share ourselves with people. To share the good, the bad, the ugly. Yet it is when we share the things we think will make people run away from us...only to find they don't move, that we really feel loved by them. Only then can we realize that we cannot force love from someone to us. We can only share ourselves, & pray they don't slam our heart onto the ground just to see what kind of splatter pattern it makes. Thing is when we share, & people stay with us, we can silence the "inner liar voice" that tells us "if they knew the real you, they would drop you like a bad habit".

Jamie Tworkowski in a post has asked three questions:
What do you love?
[not a complete list, nor in any real order]
God, that God loves to be with me, that God is an artist, that I can feel his pleasure when I take photos & can laugh with him while doing so. That God loves to redeem stories.
family. [wife, parents, "the Noll clan", sisters, nieces -I never thought being called "Uncle brian" would sound so cool, LWCC/growth group family]
friends [you know who you r. and our own wacky language: "that stinks out loud; they may have my stereo, but I have their brick; If I'm going to 'red' out the closet, do I need paint?; I are a college student; misunderstand me right the first time; let's put procrastination off till tomorrow; don't look at me in that tone of voice...]
the therapy/release/head-clearing ability to write [which some call poems]
What would you die for?
the people listed above,
What will you live for?
the chance to see life stories redeemed, people healed/healing, the chance for God to use me [even if I don't know He's doing it]

I'm becoming a fan of true stories, stories of hope, stories of redemption.
I've enjoyed:
The Soloist
Soul Surfer
The Vow
I saw another trailer for Day One. Hoping they soon get someone to put this out in theaters.
If I was asked to add anything about this film...
[these would be my ideas]
It's been said that a journey of a million miles begins with a single step.
Change begins when we wake up & decide not to stay "here".
Every new beginning has that defining moment.
Based on a true story
that's hard to believe
and impossible to resist
Welcome to a story
of one of those moments
one of those journeys
Day One

Peace, rest, laughter, & joy

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