Wednesday, September 25, 2013

a fine day, & some musings [w/ a "revisit" to "The Healing Colors of Sound"]

 This was the sky that greeted me this morning as I drove down. [above] I did get "turned around" a bit. Around Rt. 1 near Harrington, DE. Otherwise I did better than I thought. Had such fun. I took about a thousand photos. Too bad they were taken with my eyes, so I can't post them. Oh well, it's the thought that counts. That's why I think a lot. I so had to laugh at myself. Imagining how long the trip would have taken if I had stopped every time I wanted to take a photo. It's so nice to be able to laugh at yourself, with yourself. [can I say that? -too late]

Then I went to group tonight & took some photos with a friend. to "bookend" the day.
I am so thankful for art. It is such a healing force. Below is a photo of the sky here tonight....

Twloha has a post on their website: "The Healing Power of Art". nice post.
I guess this would be my comment to it:

music was the first art I just could not get enough of. To borrow a bit from my mother, I listen to music because I'm mad, sad, or glad. And I'm usually one of those. Saw a frame once with this in it: "music is what feelings sound like". Music can be "painting with sound". It's helped me get my sadness out side of me, so I can move away from it before it swallows me whole. As I've dealt with the darker chapters of my story, I've learned to journal, which gave way to writing poems. Some of my writing is so much "venting". The cool thing is once it's on paper I can close the book & walk away from it & live [like Renee tweeted: You are more than your story]. Now I have recently begun writing my story out. It's very rough [not to mention graphic]. In it's current form it's redemptive to write it out of me. However, probably not sufficiently redemptive to read. Yet as I write it an odd thing seems to be happening... I'm writing myself out of a prison I never knew I was in.
And then there is photography.  Which makes me feel "alive in the moment". I've begun this strange habit of laughing while I'm in the middle of a good photo day. It seemed so strange that once I just blurted out: "God, this is so stupid". Then I felt like He whispered: "yeah, isn't it great?". I laughed today, at the fact I couldn't just pull over & take photos for about an hour.
Thanks for the post.

As I was listening to my mp3 player today on shuffle this song came on: The Book of My Life by Sting. It seems appropriate for my story writing. 
ok. So another fun/funny thing was as I looked at the sunrise I got this poem formulating inside. It bugged me all day till I got to church tonight. I just sat there & wrote it out furiously. You should see it in my journal, quite funny to look at my scribble.

"A Morning so fine"
the sun crawls up the back of mountains 
the clouds
stretch out their arms to play
with the first rays of sunlight 
that leap over the mountains
then oranges 
sliding in underneath
taking it's turn
I sit enjoying them all
drinking in another sunrise
another original artistic peice
like thousands before it
and thousands 
that are yet to be
by b.e. noll

have fun. be creative. laugh [they'll wonder what you know that they don't].

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