Tuesday, September 3, 2013

some more poems

I've been writing poems a lot lately. Still feeling both good & bad. Not bad enough... to be swallowed by it, thankfully.

A Part, but not the Whole
I want to help
not hurt
to be a part
without pretending
to be the whole
to adie
the true rescuer
without pretending
I'm Him.

Waiting on Redemption
I sit here
I might as well be
on another planet
I want to fix you
-what a joke
a flawed person
trying to fix
so much easier
to tell someone else
than to stare
into a mirror
and fix
the guy who stares back @ me
begging you
to help us
yet I sit here
with my
fragile little faith
that as I
for friends
[& mostly more often than that]
I wait
for you to
redeem their stories
I know you can
I believe you will

please help
every word
from facebook
to email
to spoken
be [for them at least]
"sufficiently redemptive"
I cannot really help
[you can use my feeble attempts]
I don't really know what it's like
for them to go through this
[I only know my experiences & what worked for me]
some titles to chapters we may share
because you are there
so let your
presence be felt
strengthen all
those who walk
daily with them
so that one day
all of us can see
this as part of
a redemption story
your redemption story
where we'll all say
that you "showed up"
we know
we were there
we saw it happen
[...and it was good]

A Memory of Ghosts
as I listen back
look back
over my life...
over dark chapters
I now experience
glad memories
of fading ghosts
of darkness
it isn't all fixed
it isn't gone
is rising in it
like the first rays
of a new dawn
& it was worth
the clawing
& the climb
to get here
as long
as I can
if you can use it]

all poems b.e. noll

[it's gonna be tough to sleep. -in a good way...
Switchfoot - Dare you to move
for me this can only be sung to one person: Robert Randolph - Born again]
be safe.
keep moving forward...

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