Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving poem/ card

Ok, so the last poem was short. that this one will be tolerable. Thank you, for reading these. Thanks, for letting me share...

A "Thanksgiving card" to Yahweh
Thank you
for being larger than air
thank you
that your love
makes the cosmos look like
a single m&m
Thank you
for listening to my frustration
thank you
for listening to me repeat
over & over
"I don't have all the time in the world"
Thanks for responding
"I know child,
but I still do"
Thank you
for showing
just how unfair life is
by not making life
be fairer to yo, it's author
you chose an ordinary life
so I'd know you
"get me"
Thank you
for my families
my birth family,
church family
a church family
begging itself to grow
deeper into your perfect soil,
wrapping it's roots
around your forever solid rock
Thank you
I don't deserve them
you bless me with them anyway
Thank you
for gently placing your Spirit inside me
to inhabit me
Thank you
for not letting
even my skin
come between us
Thank you
for Heaven
for coming here
as a sacrifice
so one day
you can take us there
Thank you, Jesu,
for healing our wounds
Thank you, Jesu,
for keeping yours
so I will forever be reminded
just how important I am to you
of the lengths you were willing to go
to have me [& those I love]
Thank you, Jesu,
that you love is both words
and actions
for telling me
you are going to prepare a place for me
for decorating it
With those
I no longer get to see here,
& with those
I sadly
know were created...
yet we never got to spend time together
on this side of the door.
Thank you, Jesu,
as I look at death
I can quote a Gungor song
is not the end"
for the ability
to one day
completely thank you
because I'll have enough time
to list every reason
[guess that'll be my first 1,000 years]
Thanks for letting me love you,
for being you
& loving me

here & now... to beyond the end of the sky,

an autumn poem


the temparature
then the leaves
the leaves loose their grip
on the tree
they were born from
hang gliding
surfing the wind
till they land
like confetti on the ground
drenching the land in color

b.e. noll