Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Beautiful Energy of Nature

 [Photo & painting by Renee Yohe]

I do feel better after my somewhat short walk of solitude yesterday. It seemed to have a bit of everything. I took photos, wrote in my journal/notebook, I just walked & drank it all in. Everything else just fell away. Oddly, I felt whole again. Alive again. So many adjectives, so little space. Like usual I end up feeling/ thinking "why did I let this slip away for so long?" It's so good for me. It's good for my relationships. Eventually I settle on the fact that I'm just glad to know that this is therapeutic for me. I'm glad to know that several art forms are healing, centering, balancing for me. They put me in touch with my creator. Which I desperately need. No one else fills me. "Fills" isn't quite adequate to describe what he does for me... to me. I've also used the idea that walking in nature is like plugging in your mp3 player or your cell phone when the battery is low/ dead. Which helps to describe what happens when I take my walks. This "energy renewal" is why the photo is at the top of this post. Cool painting, huh? It's based on a painting by someone else. The original is good... however I personally like this version better. Um... no. I myself did not paint this. I'm not good at painting like this. I enjoy others who are. I love to watch them do it. [painting or drawing for that matter] This painting, & the photo of it, are by a young woman named Renee Yohe. How I have come to know of her is... well, a blog post of it's own. [to extremely abbreviate, we both have some "dark pages" in our stories. Her's happened to be helpful with mine] Renee's painting has a slight difference to it. I love it. You may not get what I see. As I look at this painting of flowers...I see sparklers. As if flowers were "electrified". Kind of like sparklers growing in nature. It so fit with my morning yesterday. Colors, shapes, the way light & shadows play on rocks, leaves, trees... seem to give off an electricity to me. Renee's painting captured that for me. So I wanted to blog about it. I "follow" Renee on twitter. I do for the same reason I follow anyone on there. Because they write great quotes on there. Renee is very guilty of this. I enjoy quotes, I may even "borrow" some for on our white board in group on Wed.'s. We love to put good quotes there. Anyway, like I did with Plumb [on facebook] a while back, I tweeted Renee & asked her if I could "borrow" her "painting photo" for on here. She graciously agreed to it. So, thanks Renee. A good singer, a good painter, & you have a wonderfully hopeful story. Thanks for sharing. [all of it]
I'm also thankful for those of you who pray for me from my posts on here. They are felt. So, I should go for now.

May His grace drip from your fingers,