Saturday, July 21, 2012

thoughts on Cinema 16, 7.20.12

By now we all know what took place in Colorado. I just do not get it. If someone hurt you so you want to hurt them... well, I at least understand that. I don't like or promote it in any way. Yet I understand the desire. However, going & shooting strangers who happen to be in a particular place... Why hurt people... just to hurt people? Why would you want people to not feel safe?
Truthfully, I don't really want to understand. Maybe if I understood, I'd condone it. I have yet to see this third, & final Batman film. I want to. There's a clip in the trailer that I like. It seems to go with others from the previous 2 films.
[from Batman Begins] Ras Algul: "Criminals will not share your compassion, Bruce."
Bruce Wayne: "That's why it's so important"
[from The Dark Knight]Commissioner Gordon: "He's not the hero we want...he's the hero we need." [as a Christ follower, this sounds oddly familiar]
[from the trailer to The Dark Knight Rises] Catwoman: "you don't owe these people anymore....You've given them everything."
Batman: "not everything....not yet"

I guess what you get out of movies might greatly depend on who you are... & the mindset you have going in. Maybe it depends on what you are looking for.
This doesn't just make me want to go to the movies. It makes me want a bit of the comic book hero to leap from movies to life. Not in a masked additive to our police, no.
Criminals take from society. However, if you became an anti-criminal...that would mean giving back to it. Build trust, instead of destroying it. Protecting, instead of threatening. While I never thought of someone doing this. It is the possibility of scaring/ doing harm that has kept me from dressing up for a movie. When I go. I want to appear as me. A person wishing to watch a good story. Maybe to even be encouraged to be heroic, if the time came. It is sad, yet good, to hear of young men who became human shields to their girlfriends & children. I'm glad you did, & sad you had to.

from my journal:
"walking into a crowd & just killing people...
every molecule in my existence, every square millimeter of my soul just doesn't get.
How did we get here?
can we leave now?
Yahweh, I don't know how you can stand to see this. Your world violated like this. I don't hate this by, a clown who isn't funny. Please watch over, be with those who cannot change the channel. Reporters, fireman, police, FBI, people who work there, people who considered that theater "their theater" comfort & protect them from the room with possible answers, & definite traps. Keep them safe.
I long for you to return
we need a true leader
we need a hero
the hero
only you
can be"

don't think
don't feel
but they can take from us
who do
they do not solve problems
they're really good at creating them, though
they rape us
of good people
take guilty people from us
usually though
they take the innocent away
from us
make people
I'd like to see the day
when people
make bullets

b.e. noll

I don't know if I've talked about this before, I just really liked a scene near the end of a cold case episode. It was done after Columbine. So now may not be the time to watch the whole thing, yet I'll end with the dialogue I liked so much...
[from the episode Rampage. warning, in this episode 2 boys go into a mall & shoot people. you can watch the clip i'm talking about here, it's @ 5:31 to 8:14 into this video clip from the show]

[feeling that the shooting was her fault & holding a pistol in her lap, in the mall] Tina: "I wanted to hurt them like they hurt me. I have to pay for what I did."
Lily: "for every gun that's fired... someone can't be in a closed room, or walk, or see their child again.'s not just you who pays Tina, it never is"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

an annoying silence

The war of silence

the deafening  
of no sound
where there should have been one
it’s slow crumbling of what was
of what could be
so easy it is
to simply not make a sound
without thought
yet having much after thought
the silence
screaming at me
from it’s momentary epicenter
and the question
why did you not speak?
ok… so you do not agree with some people
Is this news?
some hurt you
yes, still
is this becoming
who you were designed to be?
I didn’t think so
so stop your self righteous silence
and live
be alive
the way life was meant to be
don’t be a criminal
a villain
in your own story
after all
has anyone ever started a war
by saying hello?
can you at least acknowledge
everyone you meet?
Can you live in peace
with people who may not be at peace with you
or with your choices?

sometimes silence is a good thing. I often need silence. This is why I often go to a park & walk alone. Silence helps me listen to the most powerful & the quietest voice.
however... about 2 months ago, I was silent. I can't get over it. It just bugs me to death.
"Why?" you ask. Because I was looking someone in the face & I just didn't say anything. I didn't acknowledge them in any way [except to keep from running them over]. I keep hearing things like what a gal I was friends with in high school would have said: "Well, that was mature." So this poem is really written to me. In my group we're studying James. 

James 2:12 & 13
12 Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, 13 because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

This is great to read... however, it would probably be better to live. ...& I didn't. 
I had a conversation about Bible translations a few weeks ago. With a friend, my Mother & Father. Which I somehow ended up saying something like: "it's not that the different translations make it easier to read. The Bible is fairly easy to read, it's just hard to live."
Which comes from this written in my Mother's old Bible: 
"knowing what to do must be translated into doing what you know."

your not even close to perfect friend,
[photo from my back porch @ sunset a few days ago]