Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rickett's glen 2013

So these are a select few from Rickett's Glen this year. I don't think I'll say much more here. Just enjoy...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Well, if things had gone as planned I'd be eating lunch with my Mother-in-law right now. However, it is painful to sit here @ the moment, or stand. Watched our service @ home today, once again reminded of how it is a world away from being in LW on Sunday morning. Thought I'd post a poem or 2 today, so here goes...

I'm told so very often
that you are always smiling
you & I remember
when that wasn't true.
my earliest memory
is of you crying
over the loss of your mother
you knew
you told me
where Grandma was
where she is still
when she left
you told me
she was now holding
her son

you gave me
you introduced me
to two fathers
whom I love
one an echo
of the other

your love
for all whom
the Heavenly Father has made
is a fragrance
no flower can dream
You have given me many things
most treasure-able
is your love
for Jesus,
her family,
my friends
my nieces
thanks for being so very joyful
thanks also
for the blessing of tears
for crying
over me
in car accidents
with me
when two little boys
were born
without a sound
telling me
yet again
"Well, my Mama will love on them
till you get there"
thanks for the gifts
that never go out of style
and the world
has too little of
thanks Mom for being you
& loving me,
your son

I don't know why...
so many things
could end that sentence
I don't know 
why our stories
why my story
has to have such sad
chapters in them
yet when they do
I cling to one thing alone
I may not know
where this leads
but I do know
who holds
the pen
it's nice to know
that the pen
writing my story
is a nail scarred one

b.e. noll
[well, I must change positions now...]

Thursday, May 9, 2013

not sure what to say

Saw this tonight @ group. It really resonated.
I've said: "I know God too well to be mad at Him, but not well enough to know what he's doing." This is that in a song...
JJ Heller - Who You Are
 I enjoy seeing the hammers inside the piano on this video. Brings back memories, of helping my Grandfather re-string a couple of pianos. Being in his workshop, the smell of him sanding some hammers down to be used to restore a piano.
When she sings "you have a father's heart, & a love that's wild..." I think of Lucy Pevensie in the Narnia books, asking Mr. Beaver if Aslan the lion is safe. "Of course he's not safe, but he's good."

I've had some puzzling moments lately. However, it's late, so I think I'll save that for later on...