Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Only The Tears Are Different

I've been trying to figure out what to say about Robin Williams.... Those of you who have been with me when I would joke around, know I really liked Robin. I will always like him. He made me till my stomach hurts & tears are tracing their way down my cheeks.
What's more he made me feel like I'm not alone. I could point to him & say "well... He's worse than me. He makes you laugh more often, sooner, & harder than I do." ...which means it must be ok on SOME level for me to do it, too.
I wish I could have made him laugh. I wish, basically, that I could have tried to return the favor. I still laugh, just as hard. ...only the tears are different......

Just hearing his name makes me smile. I have memories of watching him be a guest on so many different shows. Watching Mork & Mindy. Seeing What Dreams May Come, Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society, & many others. Robin could make you laugh till your stomach hurt. But he could talk ABOUT ANYTHING & do that. [Robin Williams on golf] I could post hundreds of these. Just youtube him & I give you a minute & a half to be laughing uncontrollably. [it probably won't take half that time] I think it was Oprah Winfrey who was quoted as saying [of having Robin on your show as a guest] "You don't really have Robin Williams as a guest on your show. He has you as a guest on his."
I kept thinking this last week of the little lines....
Good Morning Vietnam: [to Forrest Wittaker] "you know, if the engines running, it's already started."
Dead Poets Society: "why am I standing on my desk?" a student: "to feel taller?" [rings one of those "ring bell for service" bells] "No, [ring] Thank you for playing Mr. Dalton."
about a prank the kids played on the dean of the school:
"God calling...that was good. but it wasn't daring. Now if God had called collect, THAT would have been daring."
Good Will Hunting: Will: [hugging his therapist] "does this violate the dr. patient code?"
"Only if you grab my a"
He made me enjoy living. He made fun of everyone, himself included. Even when things go wrong, he could run with it. I still see that moment when, in the middle of an interview [on the tonight show with Leno], the lights went out. Total darkness. No one spoke, not even Robin. when Robin didn't was ok, he was just reloading. [or changing topic, hard to tell really] Then a spot light came on above the desk between them. Robin, ever the improv master, stands up begins removing his blazer, steps up onto the chair & then onto the desk: "their coming for me Jay, I'm going home now, I won't forget you, strange little people..." [ok, honestly, the only line I remember him actually saying is "their coming for me Jay"]

...not sure what else there is for me to say...
I really liked What Jamie Tworkowski said: In Paste Magazine here [Don't mistake the man for the moment]
And really appreciated what Sophia Bush said on Instagram: [re-posted on TWLOHA here]
And Billy Crystal: from the emmy's

Only The Tears Are Different
I never knew
how similar we were
till you left
I think of you & smile
Can't imagine it
any other way
You made me laugh
till I cried
I always had to watch you twice
to laugh at the jokes
I was laughing during
the first time
I never wondered
how you "did it"
I was just so glad
for the blessing
the gift
of being able to enjoy
what you have brought to so many
I guess you never knew
how important
your part really was
like many
I echo
the wish that I could have helped
can be helped
as a tribute
to how you helped us
You will always make me laugh
I'll always be glad you can
I'm sad we won't get any new
skits/ impromptu's
from you
I'll hold onto
all the ones we have
they'll always make me laugh...
yet, right now....
the tears are for a different reason

May His grace drip from your fingers,