Tuesday, April 16, 2013

not much to say...

things that are in my mind as I reflect on the Boston tragedy....

the odd formula
such a strange thing
such strange math
1 selfish violent act
causes multiplication
of heroic deeds
I do so wish
we could have much more of the latter
without so much of the former
-b.e. noll

a few songs by Sting
Dead Man's Rope
Book of my life

Saturday, April 6, 2013

a link to a post on art

a quick post today. I like this blog post [twloha, by a woman named Alyce Youngblood. on art by a man named Kevin Russ] Titled "The Art of Humanity". Nature, as I've surely said before, is such an inspiration for me. An Organic Temple to the Living God. Made by his hands. Inspirational therapy [if there is such a thing]. enjoy his photos... [suddenly I think of a song title by Spock's Beard, "The Healing Colors of Sound"]. Have a great weekend...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

photo post [York County Heritage Rail Trail]

Hope you enjoy the joke above.


...and some flowers to help usher in spring. 
Here we might actually get up to 60 over the weekend!

 This was a fun, short walk on Good Friday. Glad a friend [& partner in "photographic crime"] joined me.
b.e. noll