Saturday, January 24, 2015

a random note

So I sit here with about 5 "in the middle of" blog posts, each in a totally different direction.
While I think on things that need to be "caught up on".... impatiently waiting for the To Write Love On Her Arms movie to come... & wrestle with an odd problem. Mick wants me to display 1 of my paintings from the Jackson Pollock "month" at Infused Arts. So what's the problem? I want to display my "purple one" [so named for the background color of it]. Yet, I want to display it in a way that I can hang it from any of it's 4 sides. Partly because I like it for different reasons based on the side it hangs on. This falls squarely under the category: "Only me". I am slowly going through all manner of "strange stuff in random boxes that happen to occupy space in my basement". So this is the reason, well 1 of them anyway, why I am so scattered/ random on twitter, facebook, here. I am determined to get through everything I own. As I slowly make my life less cluttered, stressful, & complicated. So I can concentrate on health, joy, growth, peace, & art. I plan to be not just "more artsy"... to explore the art forms that I am exposed to. So I may actually put my art on display. I'm working on a calendar for 2016. A calendar of my own photos. Which means I'll have to look back over them & pick a few. I've been wanting to do this for a few years now. I just haven't actually done it. So as the year unfolds, I'm hoping to write & publish more poems & photos online. Off line I hope to expand my cooking/ baking adventure. I may even try to paint more. I finally broke down & got new hiking boots, so very worth it. Last weekend I got to go out & hike 9/10ths of the outside path around Rocky Ridge park. Laughing & realizing that I went from: "Gee...I really need to get new hiking boots." to: "Gee... I'm so glad I got new hiking boots." So their test "drive" went extremely well. Guess I'll make this it for now. As I am enjoying all manner of Red Velvet goodies [mini powdered doughnuts, M&M's, cookies] -mmmmm, red velvet deliciousness! Sorry, I'm human. I have my weaknesses....

May His grace drip from your fingers,

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Winter's Drive

To drive through
the painting
is such a privilege
the frost glistening on the grass
winking like diamonds
as I pass
the sunrise playing
indecisively with the color palate
first in one order
then suddenly reversing
just for fun
the colors waltz
across the sky
I do not wonder why
I simply sit
in my seat & enjoy
the show
as I drive ever onward

by b.e. noll