Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a new post... sorta

I didn't write a poem for a while, but I have a "quick" post here.

Have a wonderful new year,
Enjoy the journey,

Friday, December 24, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 12]


thank you
for coming here
for allowing us to adore you
you are
the greatest gift of all
you came
so we can do more
than call you
our God
you came to deepen our
with you
with God
our father
thank you
for being
God with us
thank you
for saving us
from our sin
from death
thank you
for never leaving
or forsaking
I can write
a thousand poems
it'll never come
half way
to telling
how wonderful
you are
who am I
that you would save this wretch?
that you would choose
to leave your throne
to leave the forever
praises that are sung
after endless age
to you
you deserve
not this
not a barn
not a cross
not beaten & bruised
certainly not death
I deserve
these things
not you
to the world
my heart sings
right along
with thousands
of others before me...
and you
shall reign
and ever
King of kings
Lord of lords..."
Born the King of angels
Born the King of all I can see
and much I cannot see
[much less fathom]
Thank you
for the sunset tonight
all of nature
in the beauty
of it's creator
I've said this
to humans
it is infinitesimally
more true
of you
It may be
your birthday, Jesus
but we
got the gift!
thank you for the gift
of yourself
thank you, Jesus...
for being you
and loving me

rejoicingly yours,
b.e. noll

"glory to God
glory to God
in the highest
...peace on Earth
for the saving
King has come
and his light is here
for all who live
in darkness..."

We have seen a great light,
a brand new dawn,
of a never ending day,
his name
joy of man's desiring

Happy Birthday Jesu!

hope this was as fun for you who read it, as it was for me.
May you have a very Merry Christmas
and a blessed new year,
Maria's here -like, in the house, so I may not post for a few days.
may God bless you all,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 11]

Sweet Holy Spirit

Thank you for leaving
unending glory
to live in my small
and often too dark
and cold heart
Thank you

that you would speak to the father
on my behalf
for helping me sense
[and your]
love for me
in dark times
for carrying me through
many of them
thank you for showing up
nightmare places
and transforming them
moments of
that passes
all understanding"
thank you for your willingness
to let Jesu
to save
a wretch
like me
thank you that in that event
blessed 3 of you]
most powerfully
that love
isn't pretty
but it's
pretty necessary
with much love
and respect
you adopted child

b.e. noll

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 10]

Dear Abba

thank you
for loving me, us
to send
the "crown jewel of heaven"
your son
to show me
how to have
an intimate relationship
with you.
you sent
you son
to save us
to tear down
the barrier
that separates
from you
you paid
the ultimate price
so we can live
with you
let all
that has been created

b.e. noll

"...Mary's boy child
Jesus Christ
was born on Christmas day
and man will live
forever more
because of
[Easter Sunday]
my Lord
you sent
your son
to save us
my Lord
your very self
you gave us
oh my Lord
that sin
would not enslave us
love may reign
once more.."

2 days till we celebrate...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 9]

Christmas, it's not about us

it's not about the lights
it's not about
cool new arrangements of familiar carols, played
it's not about
how many
how big
the gifts are
under the tree...
it's about who would be nailed
to that tree
it's about what he did 3 days later
It's about
prophecy fulfilled
it's about the worth
of weary souls
it's loneliness itself
being cast out
to walk by itself
It's about what we can give
to those
who don't know how
and do not have the means
to give back
it's about:
"we love
Pastor Steve has said
"you cannot out give God"
just for fun,

b.e. noll

the world
the Lord
and he
shall reign
and ever
King of kings
Lord of lords"

He shall be High King God
"once upon a time"
"happily ever after"

let me live into
the words of Your messenger:
"I bring you
good news
that shall be
for all people.
in the city of David
a Savior has been born
to you;
he is Christ
the Lord"

Monday, December 20, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 8]

A silent night

amid the chaos
amid the hustle
the bustle
of normal life
in a desert like town
a silent holiness
turning a barn
into a temple
not a temple
for the rich
not a temple
for the influential
or for the “stars”
of any age of men
a temple
for the lost
for the lowly
a temple
for the rest
of us
a baby
born in a barn
who would grow up
to save the world
there was a beautiful silence
a beautiful holiness
as the best chapter
of an unbelievable
severely brutal
love story was beginning
a love story
and for
all time
“good tidings
of great
[and unending joy]
that shall be
for all people
[of the entire
human race
from Adam & Eve
to the last humans born
in this world]
unto you
is born
this day
in the city of David
[our] savior,
The Lord”

The last song
we sing
[@ LW]
on Christmas eve
is Silent Night
there is something profound
in the singing
of this carol
it’s the fact
that so many nights
leading up to Christmas
are anything
but silent
seems to turn life upside down
does pretty much the same
Jesus shows up
rights things
putting things
in their proper order
in their proper perspective
The first time he does this
it really feels weird
having been upside down
for so long
it takes time
to adjust
once you do
“old way” seems
so silly
so shallow
so unimportant

as I prep
not only for my
“little sister’s” return
help me to keep
your perspective
on all things
Christmas things
and non

b.e. noll

Sunday, December 19, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 7]

Last night I kind of "hit a wall". I had a minor meltdown. Seems funny now. I realize what I wanted, would make me miserable if I got it. Some "gifts" we ask for are like that.
Tonight, I wasn't sure I could keep my 12 poems project going. Which, in a way, is also funny. No one's going to "hunt me down" if I can't do it one night. It fits into that old joke. "It isn't a 'final exam'. Now, if they took you out back & shot you if you failed, that would be a FINAL exam." I'm trying to prepare room for my sister-in-law. Well, that's my excuse anyway. I just need things cleaned up around here. Mick & I sat down to kinda run through our plans for Fri. Sat. & Sun. What thing will be like, Maria coming on Tues. [and praying she doesn't get stranded anywhere on her way here]

Talked to a friend today, which influenced my poem tonight...


So much
goes into Christmas
hard to believe
it began in a barn
I think I’m immune
to all the
“holiday mayhem”
in the blink of an eye
I’m right in the middle of
Pastor Steve’s talk this morning
self enthroned
with what I want
why do we do this?
why do I?
walking around
like the world owes us something
I think the world
really does owe me something
and I’m learning to
thank God that he hasn’t
let the world give it to me
I have a feeling it won’t be as grand
as I’d like to think it should be
-and me
of all people
my life has had
in it,
ugly enough
I’m not comfortable sharing
I have so much more
than so many
I’m sure
many people would buy me
all kinds of things
to get
what I have
because no store
what I have
a loving wife
a loving family
loving parents
through my dear sweet Mick
I have sisters,
a brother,
Wal-mart doesn’t sell these

there is a throne
in my heart
and I need to be
kneeling in front of it
not sitting on it
someone far more
selfless needs to sit there
“… let every heart
prepare him room..”
the song says
I think
I need him in every square inch
of my heart
maybe I need to give him a skeleton key?
you know,
“All access”
I’m glad for second chances
I seem
to keep
right on
needing them

b.e. noll

oh, & I liked family circus today...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 6]

…and the word became flesh…

a book
a living book
John says it
in the beginning
the word
was with God
the word was God
in seven days
we celebrate
the word
becoming flesh
dwelling with us
no more saying
“your way up there
you have no idea
what it’s like down here”
33 years
for “knowing what it’s like”
A compassionate counselor
a healer
a friend
a savior
unto us
is given
born in a “back water town”
how did Luke Skywalker put it?
“if there is a bright spot in the universe,
you are in the place it is furthest from.”
the humble king
king of the downtrodden
in someone else’s barn
for someone else’s crimes
in someone else’s tomb
The word
became flesh
to do all this
“Great Lion”
in Revelations
speaks of him this way first
the Lion of the tribe of Judah
he is worthy
the word
a child
the word
a boy
the word
a man
the word
a lamb
the word
a Lion
the word
a conquering King

the greatest hero
of the greatest love story
ever lived

b.e. noll

for unto us
a child is born
for unto us
a son is given
his name
shall be called:
wonderful counselor
mighty God
Prince of Peace
everlasting Father

Friday, December 17, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 5]

a thankful, yet untitled, poem...


Thank you
that I have 2 cars that work
a home
that keeps me warm
and dry
Thank you
for my parents
so few, can claim
to be as blessed as I
thanks for Dad’s impromptu little shopping trip last Sat.
and for our feast Wed.
and Mom’s brownie
Thank you
for my friends
for little messages
that they send [that are saved on my phone]
for the ability to call one up & say
“Narnia” this Sat.?
Thanks for Mick
who new I’d grow up to enjoy dolls?
especially one who talks & dresses herself
and talks to me
thanks for all she has given me
a brother
and then one sister & my brother
giving me 2 cute as a button nieces
who new
that it would feel so good
to be
“Uncle Brian”?
thanks for a church
that feels like
a good place to learn
thanks for snow
for the 2 things snow
always says to me
#1. Over the Rhine says quite well
“…the snow is falling, falling like forgiveness from the sky…”
#2. Only a God like you
can change an entire landscape
by adding only 1 color
Thank you for being an artist
and for putting that artistic trait
in so many of your people!
it’s fun
to be an artist
The Artist
thank you
for you
for all you’ve done
for all you are now doing
for all you will do
in what I call the future
-love beyond the end of the sky,

By B.E. Noll

Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 4]

Undefeatable Kingdom

a great ocean
an unknowable barrier
separates me
from a place
beyond magic
beyond fantasy
a place that defines both
is bound by neither
The West,
Aslan’s Country,
“the source”,
You came from a place
beyond places
a place
outside of time
and space
to save me
from a place
I feel
I got far too close to
to begin with
so that I can inherit
Undefeatable Kingdom
I get to follow
the Grandest of
from the master
of Masters
The master of all things
and unknowable
and unfathomable
what’s that old hymn?
“How Great Thou Art”
doesn’t cover it
You will let me live
in this indescribable kingdom
You want me to live there
with you
words are lost
“run for cover”
knowing they are unable to explain
what your actions
your love
and means
to me

B.E. Noll

To the ruler of Undefeatable Kingdom

How great
are you God
can’t help but sing of
how great
you are God…

…let heaven & nature sing
with us
of how great
how great
you are God
how great
are you God
we don’t really know
how great
you are God
we paint,
and sing,
of how great
how great
you are God…

“…peace on Earth
good will
to men
from heaven’s
all gracious King…”

8 days till we celebrate your birthday Jesu...
please give safe travel mercies to Maria, on her journey home to us.
And please have very little snow between here & the airport on Tues.
thanks for helping her to come home to us. Never thought I'd ask you for little to no snow. help me sleep good, let Mick feel better before she gets here.
Love you,


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 3]

I'm sort of "crossing over" from my Organic by Design blog, here at the beginning...

another favorite "classic" carol...

I love the version from Trans-Siberian Orchestra [T.S.O.'s] song "Prince of Peace"...

the herald
angels sing
Glory to
the newborn King!
Peace on earth
and mercy mild
and sinners

all ye
nations rise
Join the triumph
of the skies
the angelic host proclaim:
Christ is born
in Bethlehem
The herald
angels sing
Glory to
the new


this is more
than just a celebration
of your birthday
than just
“thanks for coming”
my relationship
with your dad
I never
had to
ask you to

by B.E. Noll

or, perhaps: the rebuilder]

God created the world
but Lucifer said
"I can ruin this"
loved people
He had a relationship with them
but Lucifer said
"I can ruin this"
Jesus came
on one Friday
Lucifer said
"I can ruin this"

but 3 days later
Jesus walked out of his tomb
and HE said
but I can rebuild it."

b.e. noll

“behold, I make all things new” -Jesus [Revelations 21:5]
the world
has come
let Earth
[& all of her inhabitants]

9 days till we celebrate
your birthday, Jesu!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 2]

welcome to a slightly later than I'd like edition of my "self challenge".
The movie referenced in this one is Narnia's "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". It was really good. I loved the end. [thanks for going with, Joe]

A midnight clear

They say it came
perhaps for them
for me
it came
over the course of
many events
“I will never leave you or forsake you”
it came to me on
“normal looking” days
Nothing seemed “out of the ordinary”
till things went wrong
wrong enough to end me
wrong enough,
to make me want
my story to be over
roll credits
bring up the house lights
drop your 3D glasses
into the bin
discuss what you liked afterward
with a friend
at a fast food joint
but on my
nights that were
not so clear
my days
that were not so
“merry & bright”
[or, perhaps better said, he stayed]
showed me
that even if I couldn’t see
anyone who cared
it didn’t mean
that they weren’t there

I’m glad
that when I asked you
to end my story
you said
seeing a movie
with a good friend
I want to leave my life
the way the mouse
left the movie screen
thank for hanging with me
& a friend
in a movie theater
on a Sat.
for writing my story
for forgiving me
when I want
to wrestle the pen
from your hand
most of all…
for being
the hero
of my story

By B.E. Noll

Monday, December 13, 2010

12 poems of Christmas?

[a self challenge] I'm going to see if I can write 12 poems of/about/because of Christmas.
[...ah, & if some are lame, well... to borrow a quote from Jim Carry "be gentle"]

a quest, a journey [pt. 1]

They traveled so very far
to see you
through the desert
on camels
you have been with me
all along
yet it took so long
to turn around & see you
to really
"prepare him room"
it has taken photography
to see
"heaven & nature sing"
of you
and sing
it surely does
12 days
till the celebration
of your coming

I'm sorry I almost
ruined it for you
the why you came
sorry to myself
that I almost missed it
[or almost gave it back]

All this
to save
your people
this birth
your birth
a new hope
a new count down
a count down
to the beginning
of something you said
in John's Revelation
you came
and then
to rise
3 days later
marking the beginning
I am making
all things new"

by B.E. Noll

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a better Christmas poem?

This poem is inspired by an online Christmas disc from Dustin Kensrue

[which is where I got the title from]

This Goodnight is Still Everywhere
Silent night
holy night
till the angels came to shepherds
watching their flocks
So much has happened
since that silent, holy night
so many more
than the
“we 3 kings”
have traveled so far
we bear nothing to give
but what is left of ourselves
…now here I am
in another Christmas
“holiday rush”
putting up a tree
built like an upside down “hairy umbrella”
with lights on it
I don’t need this tree
the decorations
the stockings
the angel on top
I don’t need the cookies,
homemade fudge,
‘n such
I still need
that boy
the homeless
of a Nazarene carpenter
I need Him to come
[even though some say His birthday
is actually closer to mine,

Than my Mom’s]
because how can he die
if he was never here?
please come
Thank you for coming
for the faithful
and the not so much
for not being Santa
Santa gives gifts to good boys & girls
You give to bad ones
we’re all bad
sooner or later
Your birthday
…but we
get the gift
the gift of you
oh what a goodnight
this is
and this goodnight
is still everywhere
and this goodnight
is for everyone

[…thanks for buying us…”as is”

….greater still, thanks….for not leaving us
as you find us….
“…& I will never
be the same again…”]

by B.E. Noll

A Christmas poem?

well, my youngest sister-in-law will be joining us for Christmas. Which means its entirely possible that I won't post from Sun. the 19th -New Years Eve.
Don't know if I like this poem, it's a bit rough. However, I haven't posted for a while. Christmas is a big deal to me. Christmas, to me, is God's intervention. God, painting Himself into His art, to redeem it. Jesus, God's "art restore-er". ...or Jesus, "Extreme Makeover: Human Edition". Anyway, here's a fairly new [if rough] poem.

Thank you for sending Jesu here
For wanting me so much that you would create
& live
through the greatest story of love ever
and I am thankful
to you
for sending your most precious gem from Heaven
to save me
from myself

Thank you for coming here.
for leaving what I cannot even imagine
to come here
be with,
so many
you came to give
unending riches
to poor souls
to be
"a light in dark places,
when all other lights go out"
You are the opposite of us
you came to be
to self consumed people [like me]
to pay the price for us
who cannot die a violent, suffering death
worthy of covering ourselves
you went through
verbal abuse
physical abuse
humiliating abuse
for our private sins
you who could tell people to die
and they would have
you kept silent
YOU are the greatest gift of all

Thank you for wanting me so much
for wanting to be with me
for wanting to have an active relationship with me
thank you for being
"the Real Superman"
for being a REAL man.
no one is more manly than you

Thank you for sending your gentle
yet massive Spirit
to live
in such a small slum
as my heart loving/ changing me
talk about "rags to riches"...

only 15 days till we celebrate your birthday, Jesu