Friday, December 17, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 5]

a thankful, yet untitled, poem...


Thank you
that I have 2 cars that work
a home
that keeps me warm
and dry
Thank you
for my parents
so few, can claim
to be as blessed as I
thanks for Dad’s impromptu little shopping trip last Sat.
and for our feast Wed.
and Mom’s brownie
Thank you
for my friends
for little messages
that they send [that are saved on my phone]
for the ability to call one up & say
“Narnia” this Sat.?
Thanks for Mick
who new I’d grow up to enjoy dolls?
especially one who talks & dresses herself
and talks to me
thanks for all she has given me
a brother
and then one sister & my brother
giving me 2 cute as a button nieces
who new
that it would feel so good
to be
“Uncle Brian”?
thanks for a church
that feels like
a good place to learn
thanks for snow
for the 2 things snow
always says to me
#1. Over the Rhine says quite well
“…the snow is falling, falling like forgiveness from the sky…”
#2. Only a God like you
can change an entire landscape
by adding only 1 color
Thank you for being an artist
and for putting that artistic trait
in so many of your people!
it’s fun
to be an artist
The Artist
thank you
for you
for all you’ve done
for all you are now doing
for all you will do
in what I call the future
-love beyond the end of the sky,

By B.E. Noll

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