Saturday, December 18, 2010

12 poems of Christmas? ["day" 6]

…and the word became flesh…

a book
a living book
John says it
in the beginning
the word
was with God
the word was God
in seven days
we celebrate
the word
becoming flesh
dwelling with us
no more saying
“your way up there
you have no idea
what it’s like down here”
33 years
for “knowing what it’s like”
A compassionate counselor
a healer
a friend
a savior
unto us
is given
born in a “back water town”
how did Luke Skywalker put it?
“if there is a bright spot in the universe,
you are in the place it is furthest from.”
the humble king
king of the downtrodden
in someone else’s barn
for someone else’s crimes
in someone else’s tomb
The word
became flesh
to do all this
“Great Lion”
in Revelations
speaks of him this way first
the Lion of the tribe of Judah
he is worthy
the word
a child
the word
a boy
the word
a man
the word
a lamb
the word
a Lion
the word
a conquering King

the greatest hero
of the greatest love story
ever lived

b.e. noll

for unto us
a child is born
for unto us
a son is given
his name
shall be called:
wonderful counselor
mighty God
Prince of Peace
everlasting Father

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