Monday, December 13, 2010

12 poems of Christmas?

[a self challenge] I'm going to see if I can write 12 poems of/about/because of Christmas.
[...ah, & if some are lame, well... to borrow a quote from Jim Carry "be gentle"]

a quest, a journey [pt. 1]

They traveled so very far
to see you
through the desert
on camels
you have been with me
all along
yet it took so long
to turn around & see you
to really
"prepare him room"
it has taken photography
to see
"heaven & nature sing"
of you
and sing
it surely does
12 days
till the celebration
of your coming

I'm sorry I almost
ruined it for you
the why you came
sorry to myself
that I almost missed it
[or almost gave it back]

All this
to save
your people
this birth
your birth
a new hope
a new count down
a count down
to the beginning
of something you said
in John's Revelation
you came
and then
to rise
3 days later
marking the beginning
I am making
all things new"

by B.E. Noll

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