Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Christmas poem?

well, my youngest sister-in-law will be joining us for Christmas. Which means its entirely possible that I won't post from Sun. the 19th -New Years Eve.
Don't know if I like this poem, it's a bit rough. However, I haven't posted for a while. Christmas is a big deal to me. Christmas, to me, is God's intervention. God, painting Himself into His art, to redeem it. Jesus, God's "art restore-er". ...or Jesus, "Extreme Makeover: Human Edition". Anyway, here's a fairly new [if rough] poem.

Thank you for sending Jesu here
For wanting me so much that you would create
& live
through the greatest story of love ever
and I am thankful
to you
for sending your most precious gem from Heaven
to save me
from myself

Thank you for coming here.
for leaving what I cannot even imagine
to come here
be with,
so many
you came to give
unending riches
to poor souls
to be
"a light in dark places,
when all other lights go out"
You are the opposite of us
you came to be
to self consumed people [like me]
to pay the price for us
who cannot die a violent, suffering death
worthy of covering ourselves
you went through
verbal abuse
physical abuse
humiliating abuse
for our private sins
you who could tell people to die
and they would have
you kept silent
YOU are the greatest gift of all

Thank you for wanting me so much
for wanting to be with me
for wanting to have an active relationship with me
thank you for being
"the Real Superman"
for being a REAL man.
no one is more manly than you

Thank you for sending your gentle
yet massive Spirit
to live
in such a small slum
as my heart loving/ changing me
talk about "rags to riches"...

only 15 days till we celebrate your birthday, Jesu

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