Thursday, November 25, 2010

a room in time

a "round two" if you will...

a room in time

get up early
take a drive to Rutter's
pick up the one newspaper a year
that sells out by lunchtime
2 copies please
one to leave @ home
one to take along
get back home
and settle in
eat, read The Book,
pray, stretch out,
sign the card for my blond
if I haven't done better at getting ahead
turn on Macy's annual parade
maybe write,
maybe do dishes
take down the decorations for
today's holiday
get out those Christmas records
-er, I mean "discs"
Start putting up the decorations
as a large vocal group ironically sings
"we need a little Christmas now"
think of 2 different friends
ministering to those who don't have
to get there by one.
cause that's when they'll gather 'round the table
dig into turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes, filling,
and several veggies
[cause we're all too picky to like the same ones]
the "big" gals will sit with the black Fri. adds
planning their strategy
the "little" girls playing at our feet
we guys may saunter off to the TV
for a football game
-but not soccer-
or out the door for a quiet walk
knowing that the season for craziness
is close at hand
drive the interstate
back to our little home
my blond & me
exchange cards
loving glances
and speak of future plans
while making final decisions on Thanksgiving with
our other parents,
and looking forward to it
while this is not a "room" in a building
this is a room in time
Thanksgiving Day

by B.E. Noll

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L.L. Barkat said...

I like the idea of a room in time. :)