Sunday, November 7, 2010

a song for many different occasions

I'm listening to sound samples from a unique artist I like named Kemper Crabb. As I do I am reminded of an old tune he did with a progressive band he was in called Arkangel...

Dwelling Place
Words by Kemper Crabb
music by Arkangel
From the album Warrior

is like
The breeze
off the mountain
That cools
the desert dweller
far below
When I am
And I can’t see
my way
Jesus speaks to me & I know
I can see the way to go
the sun
rising through
the trees
after a night
Of darkness & despair
Is a joy
that comes
from keeping still before him
My Lord & God
& hearing
the word of
the Lord
from the lips of
the living God

You are my dwelling place
My hiding place from the world[sung 2x's]

From the world [sung 2x's]

I think of this song when I go out on a photography hike. When the night seems longer than it should be, & when the first rays of hope shine after a dark time. I wrote a "fall poem" that I'll post soon.

Oh, & if you'd like to hear the unique sounds I just finished sampling: Kemper's new one is called Reliquarium. [Click on the title to hear samples]

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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