Tuesday, November 23, 2010

on Thanksgiving

To the maker of all things

Thank you
for making sound
for turning some of it into music
for allowing us to sing & write
to you
for painting the skies
for long walks in the woods
for going with me on them
for beautiful views
for the way my woman walks
for the way she looks at me
and the way she feels
cuddled into me
thanks for the ability to walk
thanks for language
for my eyes
and much of what I get to see
for giving people
[some I know
& some I don't]
the ability to be creative
like you
thanks for light
thanks for night
thanks for food
thank you
that I can cook
for saxophones
for drums
for bass
for the interesting & old
& odd instruments
that people like Kemper Crabb & Troy Donockley play
thank you for the roof over my head
& the fact it doesn't leak
thank you for those who sit with me
when my sadness leaks
for LW
for it's coffee bar
& all the cool folks
who have let their stuff
be displayed for me to see
for the safe haven
LW often seems to be
thanks for being
my safe fortress
for me to be me in
thanks that you are a rock
to build solidly on
& a warm comfort
to keep me
to relax me in
thanks for my family
they are more rare than precious gems
thanks for giving me nieces
to remind me of the joy
children can bring

you alone
know better than most
that I will be thanking you
for thousands of centuries
for all you have given to me
in this wisp
of breath called my life
Thank you for your grace
your unwavering, deeper than the cosmos love,
for your mercy
your faithfulness endures
there is none like you
and I'm thankful
for that too...

B. E. Noll

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