Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day [Grandfather's Mt. pic.s]

Well it's been a long while. I only went down to the Blue ridge for about 5 days. I made it over 2 peaks [out of three]. I had prepared for everything I could think of before hand. I had only forgotten 1 thing. It wasn't till "attic window" that I realized what I forgot about. Asthma. I have a rather mild case of it. So I did not ascend Macrea Peak. The third & final peak of Grandfather's Mt. I got to the base of the last ladder. On all fours, dizzy, short of breath. The guys with me were hoping I wasn't going to try to climb up it, to the cable, which lead to grabbing onto rocks & would have ended with me pulling myself the rest of the way up to a 360 degree view. Since I was dizzy & short of breathe I decided to stop going up. This meant going down a long cable & a medium size ladder. Went down around this peak on Underwood trail. Which lead to the upper parking lot, & my inhaler. So 2 puffs, the rest of a water, the rest of a Gatorade, a Snickers bar [w/ almonds, yum]. Then after waiting for the others & resting, we walked across the singing bridge. Where I got someone to take a picture of my Dad & I together.

"See that? We're gonna climb that in about 30 minutes." [Actually, it was easier than it looks]
"see that outcropping? That's where we ate lunch."

Doesn't that shadow look like a cow?
"Attic Window" [where asthma kicked in]

So some might ask me: "why did you climb that thing? Because it was there?"
", because of who put it there" [& because I enjoy hiking with my Dad]
I got to hike with my Dad yesterday, have lunch, go to Brown's Orchard for baked goods with him, & we got together today for supper. A fun weekend. We had a fun 5 days in the Blue Ridge. This is just one of the stops & about 5 pic.'s out of 1,062!
Well, some of you have been begging me to put my "mug on my blog".
Folks, this is [l - r] my Dad & me. [Thank you Bill Jacoby for taking this picture]
This is across the Swinging Bridge.
This is a favorite picture.
Happy Father's Day.
b.e. noll