Thursday, December 9, 2010

a better Christmas poem?

This poem is inspired by an online Christmas disc from Dustin Kensrue

[which is where I got the title from]

This Goodnight is Still Everywhere
Silent night
holy night
till the angels came to shepherds
watching their flocks
So much has happened
since that silent, holy night
so many more
than the
“we 3 kings”
have traveled so far
we bear nothing to give
but what is left of ourselves
…now here I am
in another Christmas
“holiday rush”
putting up a tree
built like an upside down “hairy umbrella”
with lights on it
I don’t need this tree
the decorations
the stockings
the angel on top
I don’t need the cookies,
homemade fudge,
‘n such
I still need
that boy
the homeless
of a Nazarene carpenter
I need Him to come
[even though some say His birthday
is actually closer to mine,

Than my Mom’s]
because how can he die
if he was never here?
please come
Thank you for coming
for the faithful
and the not so much
for not being Santa
Santa gives gifts to good boys & girls
You give to bad ones
we’re all bad
sooner or later
Your birthday
…but we
get the gift
the gift of you
oh what a goodnight
this is
and this goodnight
is still everywhere
and this goodnight
is for everyone

[…thanks for buying us…”as is”

….greater still, thanks….for not leaving us
as you find us….
“…& I will never
be the same again…”]

by B.E. Noll

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