Tuesday, December 17, 2013

much to say.

Been a little while since I posted on here. Sometimes this happens at Christmas time. Though, it's not good for me to "not write". So I started a poem. I want to write about Mandela... about Advent... about this latest school shooting... among other things. Yet my life resembles a tour shirt. I am having fun. Baked with my nieces, Mom, Dad, & my Babe, yesterday. Fun was had by all. I'll put my cook/baker "hat" on again on Wed. I get to try my hand at baking hamloaf, after baking more cookies. We made Sandtarts Sun. possibly more on Wed. & then Choc. Crinkles. Annnd I'm hungry now.
Tomorrow, amid the light snow forecast, I have my trip to DE. Yet they could use me back home. So I'm leaving @ 5am. When I get back I'll be staying till at least 4:30pm @ work. Can you say "Caffeine" boys & girls? I new you could. Oh, & caffeine's best friend... sugar. So I don't think I'll post tomorrow, as it'll look like a mile long hashtag. With much misspelled words. So... I don't think so.
A friend posted about advent.
Posting using the Christmas carol I heard the bells on Christmas day & linking it to the U2 song Peace on Earth. As well as 40 [here with Yahweh]. Which got me to thinking of other "longing" songs. Like Petra's How Long. Michael Roe's  Till Jesu Comes.
Someone else mentioned the similar sound of the melody of White as Snow by U2 & O Come O Come Emmanuel.
All this longing. I can't think of more songs off the top of my head, yet I know I'll think of it later. Don't we all long... for that... "better tomorrow" land? Don't we long for those moments we've seen in fiction? Or read? From The Seventh Book of Narnia, The Last Battle.... to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.... to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King... & beyond. A great longing, for the day when things which should never have existed... live... no more. When the king... returns for his queen. When the hero... returns for his girl. Puts her on his horse...& rides off into the sunset.
a day... long for told. When suffering...loss...abuse...pain...tears...separation... are things... we can barely remember. the day... when death dies.
we sit... & wait for this day... to dawn.
We hope
in the fact
that this day
will come
to pass.

I'd love to post a poem. However, I should get some sleep. Even if only to rest my eyes for a spell before I begin my long journey tomorrow. I gotta leave work @ 5am. As opposed to getting up then. So I'll leave you with an extra longing. Then, perhaps I'll also revisit my "anatomy of a gift" post, from years ago.

Till Jesu Comes
by Michael Roe 
I cannot wait
Jesu comes
I cannot wait,
i cannot wait
And when He comes
come undone
I cannot wait
come undone
Jesu told me
long ago
"Life only goes
so far, you know"
He said to wait
for Him
and so
i sit and wait
But i
cannot wait

I never meant
to do you
no harm
Did you need me to be
your right hand man
Did I
mess up the plan?
Or did i miss
the point of grace
Was for you
to have me
right in your face

I cannot wait
you come
No i cannot wait,
i cannot wait
And when you come
i'll come undone
All undone,
all undone

I cannot wait
you come
No i
cannot wait,
cannot wait

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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