Monday, September 2, 2013

a good day

Today was great. I didn't get half way through the list. You know, that ragged old "to do" list. [or perhaps more accurately: "to have gotten done a long time ago & what am I waiting on" list] #3[of 9,847,368.2]. It'll wait on me.
Took a walk. Over the last 3 to 4 days I've been writing again. So here are a few poems.
enjoy, pray, be healthy.

Doesn't matter
it doesn't matter
where you've been
what "hole you crawled out of"
[or are trying to]
if you came from money
or never had much
whether your life story
is G rated
or R...or X
has it's claws in you
whether you gave yourself to sex
or were dragged kicking & screaming
harm yourself
[& what that means/ how that helps]
whether you know your parents
& wish you didn't
or never met them
& wish you did

it's not where you've been
it's not what you've seen
it's where your going
& who's taking you there
that counts

Out Live
life can
really knock you down
it's done well
in this me

thought I was down
for the count
and some days
I really wanted to be

I just can't stop
getting up
and trying again

but one day
one fine day
I will....

I will out live
I will out live
I will out live
I will out live
I will out live
I will out live
I will out live
I will out live
color & skin

some day
some how
I will die
...only once
[but I will live

all poems b.e. noll

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