Saturday, September 28, 2013

a post, a poem, pictures, & a song

[deep breath] Well, where do I start? How 'bout the beginning. In the beginning God created... -oops. went back too far. So Thurs. night I decided to make pizza, on the grill. Not bad, not "Mildly Fantastic" or anything, but not bad. I'll have to play with it some more. I've had some down moments over the past few days. Thought I was immune? "Ya thought wrong, Dude." [imagine that said with a gravelly voice, it makes it funnier] I'm recovering from them. I'm not kicking them off the island, they can stay... I'll go. I don't mind, I like to travel. So I have been enjoying TWLOHA's "social presence". They posted a few days ago a video of a High School, most of the students it looks like, "lip dubbing" Katy Perry's Roar. Very well done. They commented "dare you to watch without smiling", I couldn't. So I'm linking to it. Don't smile alone, it's more fun to share. Had a fun morning today. Went to a very out of the way field to watch my niece play soccer. I'd say it was "miles from nowhere", but I think it was closer than that. [probably more accurate to say minutes from nowhere] Had fun, cheered Kenzie on. Then we went for pizza. I had to sit in the middle, according to two little voices. Yes, it's nice to be fought over a little. "Sit next to me Uncle Brian".

I'm getting a little bit more brave... or maybe I'm learning to "not care" in the right places.
[l-r: Kenzie, me, & Payton]


Of us
Easily said
I do
To our list of important
we had cake
we stood
up front
[not my favorite place to be]
we committed to each other
then we wondered
years later
about having ourselves committed
for committing
to this adventure
you think you know
that you can live with this person
which is good
that you probably can’t live without
this person
you find out
how selfish
you really are
how much junk you have been carrying
you get to see
[like it or not]
how that junk is poisonous
to this person
whom you love so much
you HAVE to find a way
to make it’s power
go away
you realize that this poison
has been infecting
every relationship
you’ve ever had
it’s time for the
to stand up & say
you are being written
out of the story
this island
I’m on
You can stay
I’m leaving
I’m voting myself off
Out of this prison
So make yourself at home here
Cause you’re

No longer welcome
In my story
by b.e. noll

Spock's Beard - Goodbye to Yesterday 
I love the line: "do you have your baggage, or do your bags have you?"

photos, top photo "sunset with a friend", taken by b.e. noll. photo of me & the girls taken by Mickey Noll.

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