Monday, September 2, 2013

" can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug, you can be the outcast, be the backlash, of somebody's lack of love, or you could start speaking up...... maybe there's a way out of the cage where you live, maybe one of these days you could let the light in, show me, how big your brave is..."
       -Sarah Bereilles, Brave, from: The Beautiful Unrest

I want to email a few friends, almost a vein attempt to be their help.
Perhaps it would be better to write here. So they can read it without me feeling so pushy. Also, this way if they can't write back I won't care. So [deep breath], I may seem a little darker at times here, for a "spell". I'm in a good place though. I've been asking people I know to pray for them. And many have said they would pray for me as I try to be there for them, somehow. I want them to not feel alone. some topics I share here may be foreign to some of you, & that's ok. Please bear with me as I try to be a bit braver here.

"...You should know
you're not on your own
These secrets
are walls
keep us
I don't know when
but I know now
we'll make it
through somehow..."
-from courage by Superchick [just a heads up, this song is written about anorexia]

a few songs about self injury. For a gal who does...& the people who love her. [of which I am one]
Plumb - Cut       [cnn interview with Plumb]
a great book I have read on the subject is Inside a Cutter's Mind by Jerusha Clark & Earl R. Henslin

Between The Trees -  A Time for Yohe
The Way She Feels
Where I first saw the link to To Write Love On Her Arms. First time I saw this video it ended with these words after the screen went blank:
Stop the Bleeding.
Rescue is possible.
Love is the movement.
write love 
on her 

2 last links on this...
I REALLY hope this at least comes out on DVD. I keep hearing old news on it, Sounds like it might be finished, yet I'm not sure. So here's hoping it sees the light of day.
Day One [formerly called Renee] staring Chad Michael Murry & Kat Dennings as Jamie Tworkowski & Renee Yohe respectively.
Renee Yohe in her own words. [& from nbc nightly news]

I'm going to end this with just a few songs to God. You probably won't hear them in a church. I listened to them during a dark summer...a long time ago.
The Call - You Were There
Michael Roe - Hold Dearly to Me, I need God 
[this is the link I could find you can hear the songs by pressing play before the title]
[& a song I listened to today on the way to church]
David Crowder Band - How He Loves

...yeah it's late, so poems will come later...
so... I sit
& pray...
and wait
for another story to be redeemed
please hold them tonight
give rest to their bones
deep rest
drown them in your love
surround them
with your peace
guide them
into the story
you have for them.
help them
this Jordan
and thank you for an army of prayers
from people they don't know
[but will one day
on this side of the door
or the other]

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