Sunday, March 30, 2014

a poem for a missed friend

Witman [a poem about "Spot"]
I wish I could say
I know not which direction
to place it on the wind
so it might
one day reach you
you left
the year we graduated
[& I blamed you not]
I could not blame you
I knew
why you had to
to get
as far from
the life you've been living
as you possibly could
I wished
that my own "life" could be escaped
so easily
no matter where I went
it traveled with me
imprisoning me
did I know then
that I would be found out
to be the warden
of this prison
So much harder
to set yourself Free
than to set another free
Yet free you were
we spoke
in delayed conversations
by post offices
our responses to each other
yet we tried anyway
while it did last
Then further apart
became our responses
I was to blame
and I miss you
your drawings
your art
anywhere you could leave
your mark
Such fun
all I have left
are spaces
by The Dead
U2 "stuff"
some old, saved papers
your art was sprawled across
I drive our VW
and wonder
where you have
off to

by b.e. noll 

a busy week ahead. Not sure if I'll be on much. If so, it will be in very small doses. Travel for "fractions" of days, work, meeting, class, & other things that must be done. So... have a great fun adventurous week. Maybe I'll post a photo of me with someone else this week. who knows?

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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