Thursday, March 20, 2014

lent pt 3

Jesus also said “The last will be first & the first will be last.”
Lucifer said: “I will climb God’s holy mountain. I will sit above him & reign.” [Isaiah 14:12-14].
Which is long winded for: “I will be first.”
Jesus was born in a barn, in a feed trough. Was homeless his whole time here. Died on someone else’s cross & buried in someone else’s tomb.
Basically, “I will be last.”
Three days later.
Behold. The last became the very first.
…and the first
has become
dead last.
I had a dream once. A brief one. All I remember of it was…
A great battle had just ended. Smoke was everywhere. A young looking king. Very athletic. Held, gently, loosely in his hand. What was left of the ruler of his opposition. Who was barely alive. Clothes tattered & dirty. I looked over the young king’s shoulder, & I quoted Yoda: “Over your rule is…& …not short enough it was.”
Oh. But the young king… as I knew somehow he would. He “one upped” me. He smiled back at me briefly. Then he said, again, something he has said before….
The Young King whispered: “It is finished.”
And our enemy…fell to dust & blew away.
And yes. As the saying goes: “& then I woke up.”

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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