Monday, March 17, 2014

an improv day [& sarcasm is my friend]

So glad to have a day like today. Might have to create more of these. Mick & I went to see Veronica Mars the movie. Owings Mills, Md. Crazy...those who know me aren't surprised. She got me into watching the show on TV. I like humor like that in Veronica Mars & Gilmore Girls. If you liked the show, you'll like the movie. You don't really need to watch any old episodes to get the film. The whole cast is in this.
I loved this partly because during our long drive we got to just randomly talk. Which is just so nice. Varying topics, subjects, etc. We were like two kids, just hanging out. Enjoying it all. Making some of the day up as we went along. Spontaneous days can be so freeing. I plan my days. Not down to the second, mind you. Yet, very few days are a total improv day. So it was nice. 

We went back over humorous lines from the show & the movie.
[from the film, yet gives nothing away] At a bar, after being hit on too many times. Random guy: "So, you got a boyfriend?" Veronica: "Yeah. He's a hit man. He kills people for money. Can I have your business card?" Guy walks away, nervously.

from the show.
Principle: “Logan, can I have a word?”
Logan: “Anthropomorphic. It’s all yours, big guy.”
Principle: “Ha, yes. Your Dad donated a pair of his boots for the auction.”
Logan: “Not the ones made for walking? Gosh…I love those boots.”

 [2 "cheeky" jokes]
Veronica: [to Logan] "Yeah. Ha Ha. My last name is Mars, my Dad bought me a Saturn [the SUV], & I go to Neptune High. Hysterical. Now move Uranus."
and an inside joke between Mick & I:
Veronica: [to best friend, Mac. while watching their boyfriends walk away] [she sighs] "Ya hate letting 'em go, but ya love watchin' em leave."

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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