Tuesday, March 25, 2014

seeing The 77's [a journal like post]

Tonight was such a nice evening. I went to Lancaster's Square Halo Gallery to see The 77's. I got more than I thought. My girl stayed home. [not being as familiar to The 77's repertoire as me] I got into them in the 90's. Albums like: 88, All fall down, ping pong over the abyss, pray naked, Drowning with land in sight. Only 2 members were there for this "go round". So Chris Taylor acted as the opening act. Really liked his humor, & his lyrics. They launched me into writing. So I have 2 poems here, from tonight. It was also unexpected because I sat down, & was greeted by a friend from LW. Which just made the evening even cooler. I sat wrote 2 poems & got lost in being there. Alive in the moment. Drawing when I wasn't scribbling furiously putting words down. I took some photos as well. Even got my picture taken with Michael Roe. [lead singer, guitar player, song writer]
Well, I should go for now...

Radically, Recklessly Loved
you'll never know
how loved you really are
there are no
in any language
to tell you
how deep this love goes
no matter
the dialect
it's so loud
you might miss it
and it
misses you
very much
it whispers
come home
to me
by b.e. noll

Lost in the Twilight
I'm lost here
bsking in the
lost here
camera at the ready
lost in the
wash of colors
as I sit here
it's as if my
will change everything
and I don't want
to ruin the magic
of this moment
I'm lost
in the art
of the sky
enraptured in
the artistry
the symphony
of colors
like seasoned singers
loving it all
for as long as
I can steal
I'm lost
in the twilight


May His grace drip from your fingers,

p.s. enjoy this, I don't do this very often. [posting pic's of me. should've done this with the photo I have of Renee & myself]

Michael Roe: "so, this isn't a selfie because there are two of us in it, right? it's an 'Us-ie'."
We laughed. [I was thinking the same thing]
Me: "actually it's a '3rd partie' because the person who took the picture isn't in it."

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