Saturday, March 15, 2014

lent pt 2

[so here is another of the posts on lent. Hope you get something worth while out of this. It's kind of more journal entry like.]

I previously said: “…[Jesus] said. “he who seeks to save his life will loose it. He who looses his life, for my sake, will keep it for eternity.” [Luke 9:24] Jesus lived this out. I think it’s partly why he still has the scars. Only partly why, though….”
So, here’s my attempt to explain the other part of why……
I used to wonder why he took my scars away, & kept his.
Let me unpack, just briefly, some of my scars.
The abuse I suffered left many scars on my body. Thankfully none of them stayed. It took time, yet they all faded.
As I mentioned before, there was the time I almost got electrocuted. I had a pink line from the middle of my chin up the left side of my face to my side burn where it “hooked a left” & tore almost the whole way through my earlobe. [a wire that is]
Then there were the innumerable cuts, mostly to my hands. A few burn marks that haven't faded [at least not yet]
The laser burn mark on my foot. [another story I might tell one day. You know it’s gonna be weird when the doctor asks you: “Do you know what burning flesh smells like?” before a procedure. Briefly. They will NOT be making a Yankee Candle outta THAT smell any time soon. Just sayin’. Oh, for those of you who still can’t quite get your head around my lack of coat wearing in winter. It was FREEZING. Yeah, me, cold. It does happen. There was then & my first trip to France. Top of Le Mont Blanc, which is actually in Switzerland.]
Just so you know. The only scars I actually visibly still have, are on my hands. The most notable one is when I shattered the tip of my finger. Some day I’ll do my own version of Kat Dennings’ story telling on Letterman. I’ll say for now, it was so nice to have someone else tell a story like I tell stories. Thank you Kat Dennings.
I can tell you a story in all seriousness about 20 times. Then it slowly “migrates” to sounding like a story told by Jim Carry or Robin Williams. I’m not legally allowed in the same venue as either of them. This is for your safety. You can only laugh so much before serious injury occurs. [some of which could be permanent] Thus the restraining order.
So much for being serious.
To reel things back in.

I used to wonder about why Jesus kept his scars, yet erased most of mine. I think that part of the reason is so I will always know just how far he went so we can be together. Just how deep his love really goes. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that he could create someone better than me to love. Yet, it is an amazing thing… that he chooses not to. That he chose me.
So I think the other reason he kept his scars…
Is so he could say “I love you. Do you hear me now? Do you believe me? Because I don’t think I can say it any louder.”
[from my mother’s bible]
Love talked about, is easily cast aside.
Love demonstrated, cannot be denied.

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