Monday, March 10, 2014

continuing onward

I'm not sure I can just post on lent the whole 40 days. So, in between, I'll sometimes be posting "other stuff".

I’d like to write about how I’m not on the “inside” of every little thing. So, with St. Patrick’s Day closing in, I’d like to tell you that the most Irish I am is:
I like U2, Van Morrison, don’t know if you’d consider these other 2 to have an “Irish connection” or not: Mumford & Sons & Iona. I like the color green a lot. Shamrock shakes, Annnnddd yes, this IS very lame. Thanks for noticing. I can’t be on the inside of everything. Sometimes as I post I just feel like there’s this “B’s from everywhere, experienced everything, had to deal with everything…” Don’t buy that for a second. There are a lot of things I don’t know. A lot of experiences that I never had. I’m an only child. So I have no real knowledge of siblings. However, since God is not bound by the things we are, he can “get away with” things that we can be blessed by. Even if they aren’t the “normal” way we would like to have them. There really were times when I wished I had siblings. God has most graciously given me “siblings”. I lived close to several of my cousins for quite a while. Betsy, & Lori were my first “sisters”. Doug was like a “brother”. When I got married, I got sisters [-in-law]. Which was a new, & fun experience. Now, through LWCC, I have quite a few “siblings”. Though, I must confess, the thought never occurred to me that having sisters would mean that I would one day be called “Uncle Brian”. When I see Jamie Tworkowski post photos of his nephew, I can’t help but want to tell him: “you think you enjoy him now? Wait’ll he runs up, hugs your thigh, & says ‘Hi Uncle Jamie’ ‘Love you Uncle Jamie” That’ll really get you. One of those “can’t wipe the smile off your face so don’t even try” moments. I’ve enjoyed mine [& still do].
I’m going to try to post short posts & long ones. As well as brush off my somewhat hidden comedy & sprinkle it in here & there. I used to be quite the comedian to some folks. Much more so than I have been in recent years. This is just another of the parts of me that I don’t seem to understand. I’ve been called a good listener, yet I’ve also been told that I’m quite the “funny guy”. Does that make sense to you? [I kind of hope not. Then I won’t feel so on the outside by myself]
So welcome to this odd season of posting. Hope you can enjoy some of them.

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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