Friday, October 4, 2013

to distract me

This poem just sort of fell onto the page. I got on here to distract myself from the  disgusting way my stomach feels tonight. I thought Mick & I might go out for breakfast tomorrow, however I may be just stuck on the brat diet. Lovely. I don't need to feel Mildly fantastic tomorrow... better than this would be quite nice though. Well, I believe I'm going to be donning my "tech support" hat here in a few. Mick needs help with pictures. Then I'll hopefully sleep my way to feeling better.
Don't feel good
I lie awake
on the floor
feeling beneath it somehow
yet this feeling
isn't true
I'm in a much better place
than this
even if
my stomach
doesn't agree
so glad
that I'm no longer living
in the dark corners
by lies I was told
by actions
that break down
who you could be
to keep you from getting there
I won't be kept
who I was meant to be
by b.e. noll

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