Monday, October 21, 2013

days to go, till I'm off in the woods

First, just a heads up. I will be "off the grid" from Thurs. to Sun. my growth group brothers & I will be headed to the cabin. This will hopefully [usually is] be a recharge for my low battery. Hiking, hanging out, relaxing by the fire. A slight sadness, will go with me. First time back to the cabin since Uncle John Williams passed. He owned it when I was young. So many memories. We've gone there off & on since I was... oh my, 8? 10? Only good memories up there. Now, with my growth group, including my Brother-in-law, & my Uncle John Noll [who owns it now] going up there... it's like a "heaven teaser". I can write a little, go down by the creek a little, photograph a little. Mmmmmm... only three days left.

As I wrestle with writing my story, as I write poems... I am writing a draft for a post, that I'm not sure I want to put on here. I'm feeling more & more like it's the only way to freely write on here in the future. So a battle begins....
...and a poem is born.
feels like good-bye
I sit here
writing the "preface"
to a subject
I don't like to share
a part of me
that is painful
to see
What do I say?
doesn't matter
so much will
still be left
once I post it
it'll still
like good-bye
watching the door
waiting to see
you walk out
through it
never to be seen
It doesn't
have to be true
to feel like it is
even though
this is always the feeling
when telling this
it hasn't
been what happened....
by b.e. noll

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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