Thursday, October 10, 2013

so i had a bad day...after a good one

My drive yesterday was wonderful. So much so I missed a turn. Yet I recovered quickly. An accident on I-83, caused Mick & I to meet for supper like we were dating again. Great meal. Didn't do much so I couldn't eat it all. Wonderful growth group night. Mick could join us as we had Mike & Terri McComb speaking about what's going on in Guatemala. Contemplating actually going. Though I'm not sure how I could help them at all. Some days seem like God designed them to "make up for" other days.

So, yes, today stunk out loud. Not sure why, exactly. But it did so in such splendid fashion. Couple of hours in & I was pretty much thinking of the old high school saying:
"due to lack of interest, today has been cancelled". Label me "not a fan". What didn't help was [for lack of a better term] "old voices". You know them quite well, don't you?
In the midst of all the craziness, feeling inadequate for...just about anything. Which seems to only make a day worse. Guess that follows the "as a man thinks in his heart so is he." [Prov. 23:7] Which lead to songs I've posted somewhere before. Van Morrison's Days Like This, & U2's Some days are better than others.

Despite my feelings of worthlessness, a line came into my head & just would not leave. It makes me think of Laura Barton's blog post over on TWLOHA. And that's where this poem came from.

The Final Band Aide
on it
like several
before it
morphed into
a heart shape
and I was told so
many times
what they
-perhaps you
did not know
is that when my skin
gets cracked
[& even at times
when it doesn't]
I pick at it
tearing away
at me
till it bleeds
one more way
to be a freak show
some where
some how
I have been carrying
those numbers
with me for years
so I could discover
an out
so every
band aide
for a month
or more
had that
not for you
for me
to remind me
He cares
He sees
He's here
with me
so simple
short & sweet
I needed
[I still need]
to carry this
with me
[it helped so very much]
by b.e. noll

"He heals the broken hearted & binds up their wounds"
- Psalm 147:3
I've been kicking around the idea that on March first I might wear a sort of homemade band aide bracelet with that on it.

Thinking about our uniqueness. [might have to repost that poem sometime]
This song came to mind. One of my all time favorite Rush songs...
Entre Nous

have a great one,

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