Wednesday, October 16, 2013

For Jodi, Aunt Shirley, Aunt Kim, Lisa... [Renee, & Jamie...]

Sorry to quickly change direction from earlier. 2 quick things & then a few words & a poem. 1, somehow I got an envelope in the mail the other day. Not a letter, or a return address... just an envelope. Which had box tops in it. Postmarked from Phoenix, Az. Um... thanks. [not really sure what else to say. Not knowing who it's from]
2, I have an interesting opportunity on Friday. I'm being lent a DSLR camera to take photos for LW [church]. So I'm slightly nervous, I want to serve them well. Otherwise, this is going to be like Heaven/ Christmas morning for me. "More fun than 1 person should legally be allowed to have in a 24hr period." So, for those attending ENCOUNTER Fri. if I ignore you while holding this camera, I'm just concentrating, on being present in the moment. Please don't be offended. Hopefully I won't get too lost in the worship. Which is what usually happens.
Oh, and 3, I have reached the end of an era. Mom's grand piano is leaving her house tomorrow. She played it for me tonight. 1 last time. Oh the memories. Such good ones. When I was little, I used to play underneath it while she played it. I loved listening to her play. At home, at church. I'd go with her to choir practice. Play with matchbox cars in the isles & on the pews while they rehearsed. I even, as I got older, got to help Grandpa [her Dad] string a few pianos. We replaced the bass strings on the "upright" at Warwick Junior High [where I attended for only 1 year, before moving to York]. I get my "ear for sound" from Grandpa, through Mom. He tuned pianos by ear, & sang in quartets. I still remember playing guitar in the basement, playing "moveable chords" from Yes' Starship Trooper song. Right when Rick Wakeman would come in & solo on the studio version, Mom had snuck to the piano & soloed over the chords I was playing. I'll never forget that! I didn't want our 'jam" to end, but I got too excited to keep it going. We both had such a laugh.

Ahh... from laughter to sadness. Briefly. Those listed above, have lost someone. The first four are related to me. I might have posted that we [The Noll family] lost my Uncle John Williams in Aug. Thus naming my cousin Jodi & my Aunt Shirley. This week, Aunt Kim lost her Mother [Lisa's  Grandmother]. I've been playing with a title for a poem for a little. So here is the latest string of words for this title.

The Other Side of the Door
It hurts
To see you go
To know
You’ve left
I know
That it is easier
For me to loose you
Than for you
To loose me
It still hurts
After years
The wound
Has healed
But you can still
See the scar

I have learned
Not to say good-bye
Not that good-bye
Isn’t appropriate
It’s just
I know
That I will see you again
In a land
Where good-bye
Is obsolete
A land
Where that
Will never be spoken
I’ll see you again
[sooner for you
than for me, I’m afraid]
I can’t wait
Keep each other company
Till I get there
my nephews
can’t wait to meet them]
Till then
I’ll have the
I’ll keep them with me
Our last hello
On the other side
Of the door 

by b.e. noll

songs that have ...traveled this road with me.
U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name [a fav version. with a tag line for me to Mick... "...oh darlin' oh now darlin' I wanna go there with you"]
U2 One Tree Hill  ["... I'll see you again, when the stars fall from the sky, & the moon, has turned red, over one tree hill..."] 
oh... for the curious. Renee & Jamie are 2 cool people that I, well know of. We've never really hung out. They have inspired me a lot. They lost someone very dear last year.

grace, rest, peace, &
May His grace drip from your fingers,

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