Thursday, October 3, 2013

about story

Don't know if I'll post much over this weekend. If I do it'll be at weird times. Celebrating my girl. Her birthday is next Wed. Celebrating who she is & how she's made. Been thinking of love songs and such. Just the way you are by Billy Joel, The Way I am by Ingrid Michaelson, In your Eyes by Peter Gabriel, All I want is You by U2, Born by Over the Rhine, etc.

Got to talking with some people the other day. Talking about story. When have you ever watched, read, listened to a story where nothing bad happened? Can that even be a story? The stories we enjoy are stories where something bad happened. It changed the whole landscape. "Will it ever get better? ...will the darkness ever end? ...will the pain ever go away? ...will I ever be whole? ...can I be ...can good come out of this?" These questions & others drive us to persevere to the end. To find out how the story ends. We do this in the hope that a story will give us the courage to keep fighting... for our own story to resolve well. To hopefully inspire others to bravery in their story. In their struggle. Because they listened to our story. Which might help our story to have been worth surviving. It is...I don't think that ends up being the only reason. It's ok for a start, though. I love watching, reading, hearing stories like these.
This doesn't make telling your story any easier. Though we don't cheer for people who do what's easy. Do we?
I want to say more... but for now the words won't come...

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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