Friday, March 5, 2010

Let Me Be Myself

I laughed when I first saw the Geico commercial that this song was in. When I viewed it on youtube, I laughed, at first, because it’s part of the “official music video” for the song. The “geico cavemen” are all the way through the video. I did think of someone who I felt I could sing the song to… but I couldn’t let go of the song. Somehow, I thought that it wasn’t because of a need to sing the song to someone. So then I wondered, & even prayed, could… could there be someone who needs/ needed to sing this to me? Sobering, to say the least. I even wondered about the band. Did someone in the band go through a situation where the song would be appropriate? Did they know someone who they felt was “no longer their true self”? Weeks passed, not that this was the only thing I thought about during that time. Finally, an even darker, more important truth was revealed. I knew who I really needed to sing this song to… me. The reason the “other person” couldn’t let me be me… was because I couldn’t. I had to be somebody else. [so I thought] As our relationship got better, I thought they were changing… it wasn’t them, it was me. Do I get in the way of being me? Am I the me I'm meant to be?
Why share such insecure thoughts?? Because, sometimes we need someone else to share what we are thinking. We need someone else to prove that we aren’t the only one to ever struggle with something.

Be you. No one else will ever do it right. No one else knows how to. Your cooler than you think. Your not as alone as you think, either.

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