Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reflections on a hill...

I've pulled an old disc back out & have really been swept away with it right now. This is the first track off of At the Foot of the Cross.

Clouds, Rain, Fire

The dust of
Your feet
Clouds are
the dust of Your feet
You cover light
with clouds

The water from Your side
Rain is the water from Your side
wash me white
with rain

The chariot You ride
Fire is the chariot
You ride
You slay the night
with fire

this week, holy week, we pause & reflect on what is, essentially, the good news of "life isn't fair". I've heard, let's face it, I've said: "it's not fair". ...if life wasn't fair to it's author... what do you seriously think your odds are?
...then again... if life were fair, we should all be going to hell, at the same time, by ourselves. Maybe life not being fair...is a good thing?

The longest week of the year...
this week holds it all
this week hope will
seem to bleed out
hope will appear to breathe it's last...
yet hope...
will gain
hands & feet
the words:
"behold I make all things new"
become alive
no longer a promise
a promise fulfilled
this week we look
to a blood stained hill
to a man whose death
changes death...itself.
a man killed by those he came to save
another paradox unfolds
for killing this man
saves the murderers
who killed him
[& all us sinful fools who've come after]

this week
is the epitome of "unfair"
the one
and only one
who can truly say
what I have foolishly said too often:
"it's not my fault"
"I didn't do anything wrong"
"why do I have to pay?"
and I
both know
why he had to pay
...because I

B.E. Noll

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