Monday, March 15, 2010

A time to weep [room 3]

The different pictures spoke different stories to me. The 2 larger photos of women made me think of a girl I know who is even still struggling. Things are a bit better for her, but she’s far from “out of the tunnel”. So I love her as she is, & pray… sometimes till I can’t get off the floor.

This one conjures up thoughts of community. Thoughts of Jesus & others. Who are there to sit in the ruble, when nothing can really be done. Rejoice, when a struggle is over. Or just celebrate the ability to get together. [especially after being apart for a while]

In times of sorrow, at least in my experience, are times when God seems near. If I were a painter, I’d paint a picture of me hugging him & crying on his shoulder, with tears running down his face too. [I'm not, so I’ll stick with words] We seem to sit wordlessly, together. Like we are in solidarity. Oddly, we are paired. Him knowing all the answers in vivid detail [why, for how long, what’s the point, when will this end, will I make it though, will I have to go through something similar because I won’t quite get it this time, etc.], & me wanting the answers…& afraid he might give them to me. Afraid of the answers, because maybe having the answers won’t make me feel any better…at all.

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