Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A time to tear [room 6]

I didn’t want anyone’s writing to be distracting. So there is only one picture here that shows what’s on the leaves. You pick up a leaf, a sharpie marker, & write down… something to let go of. …this, of course, is the easy part. It’s actually letting go, that’s hard. To walk up to God, put it at His feet, then rise… & slowly turn & walk away. Never picking it up again. In the youth ministry I was in, our leader used a songbook as an illustration of how we typically give something to God. [tossing the book up toward the ceiling] “ok God, here take this from me… [the book slowly starts to fall back toward him] …now wait, um, can I have that back, God? [catching the book again] …thanks.” I’m sure you’re not like that… me, uh, well, I gotta run… [perhaps another leaf…]

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