Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Sacred Space for Lent [room 1]

Lent. I used to make fun of Lent. "I'm giving up Lent for Lent this year." Was my little quip. Then LW started doing "The Labyrinth". Which later on became simply known as a "Sacred Space". That ran in our Chapel during Lent. I miss it this year. Nothing's been said. I think we just can't take the Chapel away from it's other uses this year. And I understand that. Still... I miss it. We have been blessed with very creative people. -at least I have. Last year, I gathered up the courage, early one Sat. morning, to go in with my tripod & camera & "sneak" a few pic.'s of our Sacred Space. I made sure not to disrupt anyone in there. I actually was completely alone for the entire time I took these, which was the only way I had the guts to do it. I never want to distract anyone from their alone time with God, or make anyone uncomfortable. Sometimes I've gone in these feeling like they are "triage" for my soul. I hope you enjoy these. [oh, if anyone objects to my doing this, I won't continue... assuming someone tells me they are bothered by it] There is a companion book that goes with this, explaining each room. I had nothing to do with the writing of this book, so if I post anything to go along with any room, it will not be plagiarized from the book.
Well... I will give the name for each room...


This room was common for all Sacred Spaces. We need time to quiet ourselves so we can be attentive to God. This room was always one of the rooms I personally spent a great deal of time in. Writing down all the little whispers of "I don't have time to quiet down" in. Then I'd close my notebook, & sit... until it was as quiet inside... as it was in this room...

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