Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Time to Speak [room 7]

I have trouble with this. Part of the “origin” of this blog is my need to speak. Speaking is very difficult for many. I think long & hard about what I say [the meaning /emotions behind what I say]. Steve Taylor wrote an arresting lyric, when he wrote: “…& my mind is like a wet stone now, sharpening things to throw…” Sometimes our words can be just as lethal as our hands. I like to be silent, so I can hear others speak. Yet, as I wrote & reflected on this room, I came to a few thoughts. My silence could also mean I kept something from another person. Someone could have been encouraged. Someone could have felt less like “the only one who feels a certain way”. A new idea, or direction could have been born/taken… alas, we were silent… when we should have spoken.

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