Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A time to laugh

Everyone needs a laugh. I’ve been wanting to post of laughter, mostly of the “I hope I’m making you” kind.
I have a very narrow food pallet. However, I have a very broad musical one [to balance things out I guess]. What I get tired of is the “same ol’ same ol”. When this happens I tend to “go Weird Al” on songs that I get to hear too often…

[to the tune of “The Leader of the Band”]
“…the heater in the van has died, & I don’t know how to fix it, it’s from a Plymouth Legacy, the heater in the van…”

[Breakfast at Tiffanies]
“…& I said, ‘hey what about lunch at Dennies?’, she said, ‘I don’t know but, I guess if I have to…”
[created during a particularly brutally awful day, "I'll be your crying shoulder" ]
“…& I’ll
be glad when this is over, I’ll be the happiest man in the plant”

“…monticarlo, why don’t you step on the gas now, the lights’ been green for 2 minutes, so why don’t you move, it may be rainin’, oh, well that’s what the wipers are for now, your prison is drivin’ with that ugly paint job…”

yes, this is “just a taste” [I know… “WAIT, there’s more! If you act now you get absolutely nothing absolutely free. Send $9.95 if you want it, $4.95 if you don’t to…
…or visit us on the web at: thingsyou’llsell@yournextyardsale.com” sorry, does not come with a set of guinsue knives.]

I hope I've made you laugh. Sometimes we need to. In case my songs didn't...
Chick-fil-a [to the tune of "Yesterday"] & Weird Al

Hope you had a good laugh...

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