Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let It Snow!!!

I just found this very restful for some reason... [the photo & my walk through snow slightly above my knees]

I took a lot of photos of the sun dancing on the snow. dancing, gleaming, sparkling... loved Connie's words on the symbolism of snow. Reminded me again of words by Over the Rhine:
"...darling, the snow is falling, falling like forgiveness, from the sky..."

I think this might be Jared's [snowman above]. Jared is LW's sound-man extraordinaire.
So glad I wasn't parked along the street!
And we get an "encore presentation" in just a few days.
[I feel I should apologize at this point. ahh... yeah, I did order this... thanks for asking.]
I put up a few different ones here.

on a slightly downer note, I will -yet again- miss encounter. So I will post of it later...


Anonymous said...

Loved the blog! I'll be checking in from time to time to see what's next. "Bought As Is"--great title, and coincidental, too. I have been mulling a post called "As Found". which is what I saw on the tag of a damaged wooden scoop I bought in an antique shop recently. If I write it, please don't think me a plaigarist!

Bought as is said...

I won't in the least. ...though, I'll be looking for the post. As found... sounds like a good name for a poem.