Sunday, February 14, 2010

some poetic writings for today...

On & On by Kevin Max
"...take me to your drawbridge
come take me to your door
take me when I'm hungry, baby
take me when I'm poor
take me when I'm sick of love
take me when you've had enough
take me when I'm
lost alone & don't
know the reasons why

on & on
we dance until the song is
off the radio
on & on
we hold each other long after the crowd has gone
on & on
our love goes
on & on

you are a vision
& I am blindness..."

Mick said it was ok to share...

The continuing story of a Mickey [but not the mouse]

I know who you see
when you look in the mirror
…your wrong you know
she really is a girl of great beauty
she’s smarter than she knows
she’s funnier, too
she’s all mine
she makes going to the store
an amazing story
she makes being snowed in
the best surprise of all
her voice is a warm breeze on a cold day
her eyes
have a dance all their own
I always dreamed I’d fall
“head over heels” for her
I never thought
I’d fall this far
we aren’t perfect
not even close
we probably don’t win a “couples race”
but we are learning together
learning of each other
I feel our best years are way ahead
though she sometimes seems tired
I’m glad she’s still running this course
with me

By Brian Eugene Noll

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