Friday, February 5, 2010

mostly for Gabe...

I said I wasn't going to post for a while... I'm caught in a strange place. childlike wonder [it's snowing here], the need to laugh, & the need to speak to a sorrow...

for the laugh & snow:
[insert me singing in my best Bing Crosby impersonation]
"I'm... dreaming...of a white... Saturday?"

now for the sad part. A friend buried his son today...

A land without goodbye

I say goodbye
knowing you are no longer near
my chance
to bend your ear is done
no more walks
I can’t feel the sun
It’s temporary
being alive has always been
I say goodbye
wishing I could
start all over again
and one day
we will
I know
for every goodbye
there is another hello
but one day
we will be together
in a land without goodbye
in a land
where goodbye
is obsolete

by Brian Eugene Noll

It's weird... everything that comes to my mind when thinking of death. Songs, Something King David said, stuff written in my mother's Bible.

When King David lost his son, his servants thought he would do something terrible. Instead he said this: "I will go to him, but he will not return to me." [2 Samuel 12:23]
I find it odd that when someone dies we say we have lost them.
I haven't lost my: grandparents, nephews, etc. I know where they are... & when I go to see them, I shall not return.

reflection from my mother's Bible [on the loss of her mother]
"Death is not the extinguishing of a flame. It is the turning off of the light, because the dawn has come."

May His indescribable peace be wrapped around you like a cloak,

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