Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thank you note for gifts...

So my birthday is a week away. I thought I'd turn the tables on this. Seeing as I am different anyway.
[though first a random thought]
As I was tweeting about my day, I was listening, again, to How love wins & thought it a bit ironically perfect to be scrolling through photos of people in their #RunForIt5K shirts [from TWLOHA's Run for it 5K run today.] as I hear the words "...this is how love wins, every single time, climbing high upon a tree, where someone else should die, this is how love heals, the deepest part of you, letting himself bleed into, the middle of your wounds, this is what love says, standing at the door, you don't have to be, who you've been before, silenced by his voice, death can't speak again, this is how love wins..."
Instead of mentioning gifts that I would hope to get, this is a thank you note for all the gifts I have.
We are in the middle of the greatest love story ever. Tomorrow is Easter.
For it is written, & Jesus said: "behold, I am making all things new."[Revelations 21:5]
You know, if he's going to make all things new...... death is a REALLY good place to start. To me, tomorrow, Easter morning, is the beginning of this statement. I'm thankful for ALL Jesus has done for me. All that he has lived through with me. All the times he has kept me alive, even against my own will.
Jesus is who this series of thank you notes is to.

So I'll sign off for now.
Those of you who follow my postings here & twitter, facebook, pinterest, tumblr... a word for you all, who might worry. Starting this Thurs & going to Sun I may drop off & not say much if anything. Here is the why: Fri = grand canyon of Pa, Sat = Rickett's glen, Sun = Aunts & Uncles going to LW & then out to eat. So I'll be pretty busy, a nice kind of busy.
I'm jokingly calling Fri & Sat: "hike-apolooza".

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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