Wednesday, April 23, 2014

random silliness, & continuing with "gifts" I'm glad I have

Random conversation with a new co-worker:
Her: "You ever see The Foo Fighters?"
Me: "Live? No."
Her: "oh, they are great live."
Me: "I can imagine. I can't believe Dave Grohl has played with such a diverse group of musicians. He played at MTV music awards with Chick Corea. Most people don't even know who he is."
Her: [questioningly] "yeah, um who IS he?"
Me: "ever hear of Miles Davis?"
Her: "um, no."
Me: [trying not to seem like I'm insulting her. So I move on] "He's also played with Paul McCartney."
Her: "cool."
Me: "I think I want to play with Dave Grohl someday."
Her: [laughing "gently". Probably trying not to insult me] "why? -I mean anything's possible."
Me: "He plays with everyone. I just want a turn."
She laughed. Then gave me a look like "that sounds reasonable."
Of course if Mr. Grohl called or tweeted or whatever...I'd probably be the quietest person he's ever met. The thought just popped in there. The "I just want my turn". This is how my mind works.

Ok. In the “continuing thankfulness” category. [or thankful for the gifts I already have.]
I’m thankful for my families. The Nolls, the Amspachers, the Ness’. So many stories.
My Mother & Dad. I’m an only child. Sort of. See, biologically, I’m an only child. I don’t really remember how this began. [or when] Dad became good friends to a secretary he had in Lancaster. Working for a company called Anchor. She still calls me her “little brother”. Though I don’t remember when she began this. She’s thought of Dad as her “second dad”. As he & Mom got involved with Living Word, they began to be called Dad & “Momma Nance”. My mom is “mom” to so many at LW. They asked me once. [they EACH asked me once] “B, are you ok with these people calling us ‘mom & dad”? “If not, we’ll tell them to stop.” I told them “I’m only going to be upset if they stop.”
[& Randy Turner is going to tell me again he wants in on the will. I love your humor Randy.] So now I have lots of brothers & a few sisters, too. So LW is a “family” too.
Well, I’m going to stop here for now.
Got my Delaware run tomorrow. Another gift this week.

May His grace drip from your fingers,

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