Sunday, January 26, 2014


So many words. We hear them…we speak them. Sometimes we measure them. Sometimes we mull them over in our minds for hours before we speak any. Words can: hurt, heal, describe, sooth, cut, hit, fall flat, soar… 
"...& my mind is like a wet stone now, sharpening things to throw..."  from the song Can't You Feel the Chains? by Chagall Guevara from their self titled debut.
Sometimes the words that hurt us the most…are not spoken with any mouth. Not heard with ears…for they are spoken inside our very own minds. Sometimes those sentences are the most horrible, abusive sentences on Earth. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. No one can be more cruel, sometimes, than we can be to ourselves. After all, when someone else beats us up… they leave. As someone on youtube once put it: “where do you go to get away from yourself?” Ouch.
Each of us wonders if we are the only one who hears these words. We are not. We need to fight against these sentences. Sometimes we need to hear better sentences. I wanted to post on this months ago. I just didn’t find the right words [ironic, huh?]. I hope that this doesn’t come off as a “quick fix”. Or a gloss over of this topic. I just wanted to speak on this. I know too many people who hear bad sentences inside themselves. I’ve known people like this for years. You really would not believe the people who hear such terrible thoughts in their head. The pretty girls… who think they are the ugliest thing in the world. The talented artists, gifted people, who think they don’t have a gifted bone in their body. I hate seeing it in others… yet I have been known to let it slide with myself. Anyway, I wanted to speak…well, post against those voices. This is my attempt at such. It’s part of the reason I’ve “followed” twhloha on twitter. Because they are constantly tweeting against these sentences.with ones that resonate with the following:
You are valuable. 
You matter. 
Your story is important.
You are the only you 
we’ll ever get. 
You are an original…
May His grace drip from your fingers,

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