Tuesday, January 7, 2014

a random post

All right... I lied. I'm pretty sure I posted here that I just do not know anything about cars. I'm a: put gas in, check oil, check tire pressure... &; I'm done. Yesterday, however, I changed the bulbs in the Jetta's headlights. Mick doesn't have the night vision that I have. We are opposites in this regard. She has the lights on in the daytime, on a sunny day. ...me, however, I'll walk through the house at 3am without turning a single light on. So I decided to change to brighter bulbs in the car she mostly drives. Wonderful thought. So I dropped the ring that holds the bulb & it's wire assembly to the lamp housing.... I never mentioned that I have skin issues, did I? Heh... well, I don't have issues, I have a subscription. I tried to get this ring from where it fell. Which took a lot longer than planned. Not to mention it scratched my arm quite a bit. Not in the kitten's claws kind of way. Just a LOT of pink lines in my skin. Also blotches on my hand & wrist. I usually get this in the warmer months, when I trim our bushes out front of the house. or... on my face when I've forgotten to shave for a while. And, as those of you who spend any time with me will attest to, I'm very self conscious. I also just ...until I started blogging it had been quite a while since I really just shared what I think. I don't always like people knowing what I think [it's been used against me]. When I started to have surgeries & my Mom got ill, I finally got on facebook. The whole reason for doing so is so that I could say, "once & done" what was wrong. Because, unfortunately, when I have to tell the same story over & over again... after about the 27th time, I turn it into a stand up comedy routine.
Facebook gave me the chance to say something once & done. So I could tell what happened in an easier format, clearly. Weighing each word for clarity & brevity's sake.
Also I could talk when it worked for me. And, likewise, those who wanted to know could learn what I had to say. Learning when it was convenient for them.
Having said all this. The marks weren't so bad on Monday morning. Now, only I know were the few marks that are left are.
[all this to tell you that I changed the light bulbs in a car. I can be long winded, huh?]
goodnight for now,

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