Friday, January 31, 2014

a poem from Mon.

I may write more later on this. Mon. I got to hear Renee Yohe speak & perform songs from her EP, Bearcat: Rawr. It was a great experience. If you get the opportunity to listen to her, take it. She has a great voice, & her talk was wonderful. I wrote bits of this while waiting for the evening to start. I haven't taken such a constant stream of notes in a long time. I'd write the whole time she talked, & sit drinking in the lyrics as she sang.

To hear a girl speak
I sit here
feeling a little bit
out of place
listening to
people pop bubbles
the room into
this outdoor
the popping
sounding for all the world
like a bonfire
at my uncle's cabin
I don't know why
it seems to me
people are more honest
sitting around one
just telling it
"like it is"
which isn't always
truth is like that though
this girl walks onto
the stage
sits down
like she's in a living room
and shares
"straight up"
things she's learned in life
wasn't always very pretty
yet this isn't
"please pity me"
this is
don't let yourself
get suckered
like I did
the young age
and looks
she wears
her words seem to be
soaked up by
the quiet people
in attendance
especially me
with my pen
jotting down
things to remember
things to carry with me
into the inevitable battles
that lie ahead
I am thankful
to be allowed to be here
and later wonder
if this gal
and her guitar playing friend
made it home safe.

b.e. noll 

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